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good night, DOWNRIGHT.

Last chance to check out the pretty pictures:

Farewell Party for DOWNRIGHT this Friday night 11/02

(No Melvins this time, so no excuses.)

DOWNRIGHT at Pink Elephant Projects Gallery here
Curated by none other than Jashar Awan

Monday, October 1, 2007


Hey kids, come check out DOWNRIGHT opening this Friday 10/05

(C'mon... you can always catch the MELVINS show on Saturday)

Jashar Awan has put together a siiiiiiick show featuring the work of some insanely talented artists for you to feast your eyes upon

Come see some of my lovely drawings up close...

and then buy something!

DOWNRIGHT at Pink Elephant Projects Gallery here
Jashar Awan's blog here

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Att: 02.23.05

humble beginnings
the stairway wept warmly
She saw the girl

NA NA red

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

hail mary

full of grace